Providing over 40 years of tennis playing experience and coaching excellence on the junior, collegiate, and professional levels, we take pride in developing quality programming for all of our students. Our goal is to create a learning environment that is stimulating and fun because we believe a student who is fully engaged will benefit most from our training. We offer training programs for both juniors and adults throughout the school year as well as a highly regarded summer camp.
Welcome to Jeff Arons Tennis!

Whether you're just starting out in the sport or you're training to compete at an elite level, you will have an opportunity to improve your on-court skills when you train with us. Our uniquely designed facility allows us to create programs that are both efficient and effective for students of all ages and skill levels.

Junior Training Programs

Our junior training programs are offered in the Fall (late August to the end of January) and Spring (February 1 to end of May). These programs are available to students in all schools. We offer 4 different programs:

  1. Preschool/Kindergarten Training Program
  2. Grades 1-5 Training Program
  3. 10 & Under Elite Training Program
  4. High School Prep Training Program

Our training program pathway is designed to give students of all ages and skill levels access to excellent training programs.

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Junior Saturday Classes

Our Junior Saturday Tennis Classes are run with the same design and intentions as our Junior Programs except the classes are run on Saturdays throughout the Fall and Spring seasons at various times. There are the same 4 offerings:

  1. Preschool/Kindergarten
  2. Grades 1-5
  3. Grades 6-8
  4. High School/Tournament Player

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Adult Training Program

Our adult tennis classes are offered in both the Fall and the Spring and are an excellent choice for the adult tennis player looking to improve his/her game while getting a great workout.

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Summer Camps

Our summer camps are an excellent choice for students who want to improve his/her tennis skills. Our camps will introduce/review basic tennis stroking fundamentals as well as engage participants in a vast array of fast moving games/drills geared towards improving not only tennis technique but also balance, coordination and overall athleticism. A major focus of our camps will be to help cultivate a passion for the game of tennis among our students. Our summer tennis camps are offered in different sessions for 2 groups:

  1. Grades 1-8 Sessions
  2. High School/ Tournament Player Sessions

Although these camps group a broader range of ages together the maximum student to teacher ratio is 6:1 ensuring that your child receives plenty of individual attention to further develop his/her tennis skills in a fun and engaging enviornment.

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Summer Team Tennis

This program will provide an opportunity to play team tennis in the United States Tennis Association (USTA) sponsored Junior League program. Our teams will practice two times per week at the Sacred Heart Schools tennis complex as well as play home and away matches verses the other teams in our league. League champions advance to the Northern California Sectional Team Championships. Northern California winners advance to the state finals versus the best teams from Southern California. The Junior League team tennis summer season begins the second week of June and will run through July. The Northern California Sectional Team Championships will be held August 5-7. The State Championships will be held August 18-19. All practices and matches will take place in the afternoons during the week with the possible exception of the Northern California Sectional Team Championships and the State Championships. The goal of this program is to provide each of our players with an opportunity to improve their tennis skills in a positive and stimulating environment. You can expect to improve in the following areas:

  1. Tennis ball striking fundamentals (i.e. how to hit the ball with proper technique) ball control and your ability to add pace to your shots.
  2. Tactical understanding of both singles and doubles (i.e. proper court positioning as well as the ability to choose the appropriate shot to hit at a given time)
  3. Attitude towards competition (i.e. developing a healthy perspective towards sports and competition)

We are hoping to field teams in the following divisions: Boys and Girls 10 and under, Boys and Girls 12 and under, Boys and Girls 15 and under, and Boys and Girls 18 and under

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Private Lessons

Schedule a private lesson with Jeff Arons or another of our expert coaches. Develop your skills in a fun and encouraging enviornment. Private tennis lessons are catered to your personal development pace. These lessons are great for recreational players looking to improve their skills or elite players looking to develop and refine their techniques for better performance in a competitive tennis enviornment.

Schedule a lesson for yourself or bring a friend!

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Diana Sumner - Jeff Arons Tennis

"Jeff brought out the best in me as a junior player, and now the same as a coach. In my first year of being a student of Jeff’s, my ranking climbed from top 30 in Northern California to the top five. Jeff was coaching world-ranked players at the same time, yet coached me with the same passion and intensity as he did with them. Working side-by-side with Jeff in EPATT taught me how important our role is, as a Coach, in the students’ lives. I learned that we are teaching life skills, not just athletic skills. Jeff’s enthusiasm for seeing his students improve is genuine, regardless of skill level. His influence and love of the game is what made me want to be a coach. I want to give students the same positive and enjoyable opportunity that I experienced as a player. The coaches that I work with today are also close friends, and that has helped create the supportive and energetic environment that we have. I feel lucky to be part of the Jeff Arons Tennis staff."

Diana Sumner Tennis Coach