The Sacred Heart Schools Tennis Complex is a uniquely designed facility that supports our goal of running efficient and effective programming for students of all ages and skill levels. The Sacred Heart Tennis Complex is home to our 10 & Under Elite Training Complex which consists of six permanent scaled courts designed specifically to train young children. In addition to our 10 & Under Elite Training Complex, the Sacred Heart Schools tennis complex has 7 standard tennis courts. Each of the standard courts has a scaled 60’ court juxtaposed on its playing surface. Our facility design allows us to create quality training programs for all of our students!

Jeff Arons Tennis Facilities - Sacred Heart Atherton
Jeff Arons Tennis Facilities - Sacred Heart Atherton
Jeff Arons Tennis Facilities - Sacred Heart Atherton
Jeff Arons Tennis Facilities - Sacred Heart Atherton


  • The smaller courts and less lively tennis balls allow our coaches to introduce our students to a wide array of action packed interactive skill building games/drills that are designed to improve hand-eye coordination and overall athleticism (which would be too difficult for the children to execute on standard courts using standard tennis balls).
  • The smaller courts and softer balls allow our students to start match play much earlier in the development process than they could on standard courts with standard balls.
  • Our courts are multi-colored so that our coaches can explain the rules of tennis and identify areas of the court in an efficient manner (For example, it is much more efficient for a coach to tell a student that her serve must land in the “blue” box rather than physically identify the area for the child).

It all adds up to a great training environment for our youngest students. Students who “graduate” from our 10 and Under Training Program are ready to attend our High School Prep Training Program. Students in this program train will have the option of training on 60’ courts (~75% the size of a standard court) or the standard 78’ courts. A variety of low compression training balls as well as standard tennis balls will be used during High School Prep training classes.

As far as I know, it is the only permanent 10 and under “scaled” tennis complex with multi-colored courts (to aid coaches in explaining rules of the game and identify areas of the court)

Boundaries of 60’ courts are clearly delineated/juxtaposed on standard courts so students can clearly identify the playing area of the 60’ court.

7 excellent standard courts

Allows us to run an efficient and effective progressive training program