Jared Palmer

21 October

I first started working with Jeff in 1995, at a time when I was dealing with several injuries and my ATP ranking was steadily dropping. With his unique passion and understanding of the game, Jeff was instrumental in turning my career around; there is little doubt that I owe many of my best accomplishments to his tutelage and guidance. I suspect that a whole host of his current and former students would say the same. I have seen firsthand the impact he has had on the lives of his students, an impact that in my opinion goes beyond the tennis court. His students learn to balance hard work and commitment with laughter and fun. He is a born leader – he inspires confidence, dedication, loyalty and respect in all those who work with him. While he would be the first to say he doesn’t have all the answers, I would say that in my 30-plus years of being around many of the best coaches in the world, no one brings to the table a better understanding of the technical, strategic, physical, mental and emotional aspects of this great game. And as Jeff says, you gotta love the game!

Jared Palmer - Jeff Arons Tennis
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