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Mirza Klis - Jeff Arons Tennis
“Jeff Arons is unbelievably passionate about tennis and the development of his students. His coaching style is very distinctive from any other coach with whom I’ve ever worked. With Jeff, everyone worked and competed hard, but we were also frequently rewarded with fun games and personal anecdotes from Jeff, which made practices both productive and enjoyable. In fact, some of my favorite memories date back to the time when I was working with Jeff and competing against Jamie, Adam, Erik, Stefanie, Sam, and many other great tennis players.”

Mirza Klis | Cornell Tennis

“Prior to joining Jeff Arons Tennis, my summer national tournament results were, for the most part, pretty average. When I started working with Jeff, almost immediately, we decided to change my forehand motion. I spent the next year refining the new stroke, developing an effective slice backhand, and strengthening my volleys and doubles strategy. The following summer, I achieved my best results both in NorCal and on a national level. I won NorCal Junior Excellence and Sectionals and was ranked #11 in the United States. Suddenly, I became a top contender for Division I tennis schools. I took recruiting trips to Notre Dame, Princeton, Dartmouth, and Harvard, and ultimately chose Harvard.”

Stephanie Schnitter | Harvard Tennis

“Jeff and his coaches were instrumental in developing my all-around tennis game and, eventually, college recruitment process. During the 10+ years I worked with his team, I learned dedication, tenacity, responsibility, and more than anything, the value of hard work. I took everything Jeff taught me into a successful college career at Boston College and continue to draw on his invaluable lessons in my career at Facebook.”

Adam Davison | Boston College Tennis

Jamie Hutter - Jeff Arons Tennis
“Jeff Arons Tennis was instrumental in my development on and off the court. Jeff and his staff began coaching me at age 9 and were among the most important influences in my life for the following decade, ultimately helping me achieve my childhood dream of playing tennis at Stanford. I am lucky to have been able to call Jeff and his team my mentors and friends.”

Jamie Hutter | Stanford Tennis

Scotty Scott - Jeff Arons Tennis
“Jeff Arons was THEE most transformative person in my life. He gave me the tools to succeed, taught me how to use them, and gave me the confidence to apply them. I owe much of what I did on the tennis court to you, Jeff Arons. I owe much of what I’ve been able to attain in business on the approach you engrained in me over so many years. There is a photo in my office at home which caught the very moment I clinched the national title for Stanford in 2000. I have long wanted to send it to Jeff with an inscription that reads: ‘No one else believed in me but you . . . and ultimately it was you who gave me this moment. The best moment of my life.'”

Scotty Scott | Stanford Tennis

Sam Rosekrans - Jeff Arons Tennis
“I worked with Jeff Arons from ages 7 to 21, at which point I finished my tennis career after playing 4 years at Harvard. He was instrumental in developing my game to the point it needed to be for competing in high-level division 1 tennis. While many of my tennis playing peers would comment on how their game was declining throughout college, I would work with Jeff individually during summer and winter breaks to push certain areas that needed the most attention and I noticed drastic improvements, which were reflected in my results. Jeff obviously has years of experience, having worked with some of the best players, but what sets him apart is his keen understanding of the game that other coaches lack. Still today, my touch and finesse is one of the favorite parts of my game, and I always attribute that to Jeff’s coaching. I thoroughly recommend Jeff; he is a thoughtful and persistent coach who is willing to learn from his students as much as they are learning from him.”

Sam Rosekrans | Harvard Tennis

Erik Blumenkranz - Jeff Arons Tennis
“Jeff Arons is a phenomenal coach and helped me improve more than I could have imagined when I started working with him. His understanding of both the mechanical and strategic elements of tennis is second to none, and his ability to teach this understanding in a way that all of his students can understand is completely unique. Under Jeff’s tutelage, I was ranked as highly as #2 in Northern California and in the top 50 in the United States in the Boy’s 16’s. Jeff guided me through the college recruiting process, during which I was recruited by several Pac-12 and Ivy League schools. I ultimately chose Yale, where I went on to serve as Captain of the Men’s Tennis Team. I could not have done this without Jeff.”

Erik Blumenkranz | Yale Tennis

KJ Hippensteel - Jeff Arons Tennis
“I was truly fortunate to have the chance to work with Jeff Arons at Stanford and on the pro tour. I saw how much he had helped my teammate, Scotty Scott, improve to the point where he was a valuable and vital contributor to our team when we won a national team title in 2000. I started working with him during my senior year. As a result of our numerous hours spent on and off the court outside of my team practices, I was able to reclaim the number one national ranking in singles and continue to be ranked in the top ten nationally in doubles. Our training extended into my professional career where I moved up to 150 in the world in singles and 210 in doubles.”

KJ Hippensteel | Stanford Tennis


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While our philosophy at Jeff Arons Tennis is to develop and enhance the player as a whole, we have had many elite players come through our programs and continue to play tennis beyond high school. We believe that our player development translates to many facets of life whether the player continues on with tennis or not. Our elite tennis coaching staff work hard in our programs and instill qualities to provide our players the skills to work hard both in the classroom and on the tennis courts.

These colleges are just a small sample of the collegiate universities that our players have continued on to play tennis. Please explore the incredible collegiate institutions are players have contributed to.